Hometown Family Medical is proud to have the opportunity to help you live a more energetic life through our weight loss program. With proper guidance and education we believe that anyone can achieve a healthy productive lifestyle. We offer a weight loss and wellness program that is medically supervised and monitored focusing on education and nutritional guidance based on individual needs. An exercise program will be designed that is suited to your needs and ability. We will offer you counseling and encouragement to help you to reach and maintain your goal.

All new clients that enroll in our weight loss program will receive an extensive physical exam. This exam will be performed by either an MD, Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant. The exam will also include a comprehensive patient history, EKG and lab work consisting of Complete Metabolic Panel, CBC, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone level, Blood Sugar and cholesterol test. When your results are evaluated you will be placed on a weight loss program designed specifically for you. This includes a Nutritional program, Exercise Program, Medications and Lipo B injections. You will then return to the clinic on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule to receive your medications and a Lipo B injections as prescribed by your medical provider. You will also receive ongoing nutritional and exercise program counseling having time to review your weekly or bi-weekly food intake sheets.

Having achieved your desired weight loss, you will then be placed on an ongoing monitoring program lasting from 4 – 12 weeks. During this phase you will be monitored for changes in your weight as it may fluctuate from time to time. As this occurs you will receive counseling on targeting problem areas allowing you to adjust your exercise and diet program as needed. At the end of this phase of the program you will have developed a lifestyle that you are comfortable with and can maintain requiring little or no supervision. We know that relapse may occur and if they do we are here to help you as needed.

******The total cost for the program includes all of the above plus any medications prescribed.